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Captain C.A. Richardson Is A Big Disappointment

Posted by J. Addington On Sep - 16 - 2013 Comments Off

I love Flats Class Tv. The show has some great tips and since I’m always trying to improve my fishing I decided to friend the show’s host, C.A. Richardson, on a popular social networking site. Throughout the passing months I’d glean what I could from the status updates on his wall. Then one day the fantastic claim was made relying on spinning gear was being one dimensional. The claim was a caption for a photo wherein a woman is in [...]

How to catch Carp on the fly!

Posted by Matthew Benecke On Dec - 13 - 2012 Add Comments

I like to catch Grass Carp on a fly rod. I think it is more of a challenge. Anyone can go to a pond with Grass Carp and use bread and catch them. That’s easy. Getting them to eat a fly is a different story. Grass Carp are one of the strongest freshwater fish to catch on a fly rod. They are big, heavy fish that come from China. They are herbivores and eat grass, berries, algae, etc. and can [...]

How to and where to catch bass around Tampa Bay

Posted by Matthew Benecke On Dec - 10 - 2012 Add Comments
Where to and how to catch bass around tampa bay

The bass are very active in December. The weather cooler, the bait fish are spawning. The fish are a little shy in December. I am going give you some tips and techniques to catch big bass in December. Baits: There are many different types of complicated baits for bass. I use a very simple way to catch lots of bass and they are big too. A top-water Mirro lure or a Bomber lure is my bait of choice. I walk [...]


Captain Steve Betz is a fishing guide in the Tampa Bay area. He is also a regular on social networking platforms like Facebook where he is rude, obnoxious and bullies people who ask questions or make comments he views as disagreeable. These people Steve Betz refers to as “Googans;” a term meant to deride anyone who does not know what he knows or asks what he considers to be “stupid questions.” Odd behavior for someone hoping to increase his business. [...]

Best Tampa Bay Fishing Forum

I’m one of those fisherman that loves to surf the web almost as much as I like fishing. One of my favorite things to do is check out the local fishing forums to catch up on the local fishing reports and buzz. I have an account on three of them and recently came across this fishing forum: www.tampabayfishingonline.com. To put it mildly I was wowed. Tampa Bay Fishing Online has it all. The latest fishing reports from the Tampa Bay [...]

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